How to delete instagram account permanently

How to delete instagram account permanently

There was once a time when the only means of communication were handwritten letters. Pigeons were trained to deliver Letters to the desired destination. Then in 1876, Graham bell came up with his invention of a telephone. People didn’t have to write long letters anymore. All they had to do was to dial the desired number and talk directly with the person they wanted. It was a magical invention. As the time passed, many new means of communications came into light: Telegram, fax, E- mail, text messages and so on. Then in 2004, mark Zuckerberg  introduced the world with his creation ' Facebook '. Facebook was a huge success, after a few years of its creation, Facebook became the most used social media website. Billions of people around the world started to share their lifestyles, hobbies and precious moments with their friends around the world. Many creators realised how important and beneficial social media sites had become. A lot of new social media sites became available on the internet. One of them was Instagram. Launched in 2010, Instagram is now one of the most popular social media platforms across the globe.


Instagram is not only a social media site anymore, it’s mor than that. For billions of people, it is a place to share their experiences and feelings with people. Millions use it as a source of income. Instagram provides more employment opportunities than any other social media site. Many People have started their online business on Instagram. Millions use it as a source of entertainment, millions use it as a platform to showcase their skills and their talents. Instagram can be used a platform for marketing as well. It allows the user to run paid ads to attract more followers. If used in the right way, Instagram can change lives. Instagram, especially for the youth, has become the main source of income. Many meme pages do paid promotions, many big pages provide internships to budding creators to help them in improving their skills. In the modern time, social media has proved itself to be a great platform for people to raise their

voice against the evil. And that is why many social media trends that changed the world started on Instagram. If I had to describe Instagram in three words, I would say entertaining, Informative and opportunistic.


They say that nothing is perfect, everything comes with a flaw. And the statement is true for Instagram as well. Even though there are tons of positive aspects, there is a toxic side as well. Trolling, cyber bullying, identify theft, online frauds, online harrasment are a few negative aspects of this Social media site. Instagram has continuously tried to stop these negative bunch of users. It keeps introducing stricter policies and updates to keep their users safe and satisfied. A few years ago, Facebook bought Instagram and thus, merged the 2 leading social media platforms. The best part is, Instagram is completely user

friendly! Anyone can use it easily. 


Though there are some procedures that may confuse the users. One of them is How to delete an account on Instagram.

You can easily deactivate your account temporarily or permanently delete it by following the steps mentioned below:


How to delete an account on Instagram

• From a browser, go to Instagram’s dedicated page for deleting accounts.

• If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so.

• Select your reason for deleting the account.

• Re-enter your password.

• Select the red button stating: “Permanently delete my account.”


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