How to increase website speed

How to increase website speed

In this blog I will tell you some tips to increase your website speed. Most of the users prefer fast loading websites to view, they hates waiting to load websites. To increase website speed follow below steps:

  • Use custom code at place of small plugins
  • Delete Unused Plugins and Slow Plugins (find using `query monitor wordpress plugin`)
  • Optimize Images
  • Optimize your homepage to load quickly
  • Choose a better web hosting provider
  • Enable Page Caching
  • Leverage browser caching.
  • Enable Gzip Compression
  • Use the Latest Versions of PHP, WordPress, Themes and Plugins
  • Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Defer JavaScript loading
  • Enable browser caching
  • Cleanup WordPress database

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Rajeev ghor
Rajeev ghor
22 Dec 2020

IT Helps to improve my website speed from 70 to 89

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