Bootstrap QUIZ


  • Total Number of Questions: 10
  • Score out of: 10
  • Time alloted: 30 seconds per question, total 30 minutes
  • Each question carry 1 mark
  • No negtive marking


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1. How many number of button classes in bootsrap

2. How many number of columns are there in bootstrap grid system

3. Can we display icons without using any other library in bootstrap?

4. Which is not a valid class for table in bootstrap?

5. Which have the smallest width from the following?

6. Which is correct html structure for tool-tip in bootstrap?

7. Which is not a bootstrap class for alert message?

8. Which is not a correct attribute for tool-tip in bootstrap?

9. What is the default font size of h4 tag in bootstrap?

10. Which is not true about Jumbotron class?