jQuery QUIZ


  • Total Number of Questions: 10
  • Score out of: 10
  • Time alloted: 30 seconds per question, total 30 minutes
  • Each question carry 1 mark
  • No negtive marking


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1. if var test = $(“#maindiv”); , then what is test ?

2. Which of the following method is used to attach a handler to an event?

3. Which built-in method returns the character at the specified index?

4. Which of the following method can be used to attach a function to be executed whenever an AJAX request fails in jQuery?

5. If you want to stop your jQuery for a few milliseconds, which function do you use?

6. Can we perform hide event using element attribute?

7. Can jQuery be used on the same page alongside other libraries?

8. jQuery a W3C standard

9. Which of the following method removes set of matched elements in jQuery?

10. The speed options can be applied to which jQuery functions?