Laravel QUIZ


  • Total Number of Questions: 10
  • Score out of: 10
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  • Each question carry 1 mark
  • No negtive marking


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1. Select correct location of routing file in Laravel

2. Which of the following subsequent validator methods returns true when form data is valid?

3. generally where we can create a helper function file in laravel?

4. How to create Laravel Controller, Model and Migration for posts in command line with single command?

5. Which of the following database not supported by Laravel 5?

6. Which command is used to get list of all routes?

7. Which is not true about middleware in Laravel?

8. Which of the following should be included in forms to protect website from attack?

9. Which is the correct route for a page using controller function?

10. Which among the following methods should be used to alter the columns of an existing table?