Photoshop QUIZ


  • Total Number of Questions: 10
  • Score out of: 10
  • Time alloted: 30 seconds per question, total 30 minutes
  • Each question carry 1 mark
  • No negtive marking


Select one option as answer, for per question and then Click 'Submit and Next' button for next question

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1. Which of the following color is neutral for the Vivid Light blending mode?

2. When converting an image to an ICC profile, which rendering intent makes the black point compensation checkbox inactive?

3. Which of the following photoshop tools can be used to edit an HDR/32-bpc image?

4. What is the default mask type used by a shape layer?

5. Which of the color modes below is not an option for Photoshop Image Color Mode?

6. Which one is not the type of an adjustment layer?

7. Which mode in the animation panel shows the frame duration and animation properties for document layers?

8. What option in the Character panel will adjust the spacing between characters in a proportional font?

9. Which of the following types of swatches can be shared between applications?

10. Which of the following information is not retained when a 3D file is opened in photoshop?